2022 by the numbers: here's what we are celebrating!

Being a co-founder, I’m always keeping one eye on the task at hand while keeping the other eye looking to plan for the future. But it’s important to pause every once and a while to look backwards with both eyes to reflect on your team’s journey and see how far you’ve come - it really helps to put things in perspective!

On that note, as 2022 is drawing to an end, I thought it would be a good time to look back at the year and take note of what the Rectxt team been able to achieve since January:

1.6 million texts:

The first thing I was curious to calculate was how much our software was used in 2022. It turns out that over 1.6 million texts were sent/received by recruiters using Rectxt, and recruiters received over 80,000 minutes of call-forwarding. That’s over 3X vs 2021!

5 new ATS integration partnerships:

This year we have worked hard to expand our integration partnerships so that we can be in new marketplaces to provide more recruiters access to our easy, safe, and effective text recruiting platform. Here are the members of the partner integration class of 2022:

Lever, Recruitee, Comeet, ClearCompany, Ashby

8 new major features added:

Perhaps the biggest achievement by the team this year was the amount of features that we added to Rectxt which has brought much greater value to our customers. We worked hard to ensure all the new features we released  have maintained an easy-to-use and intuitive feel:

1) Message analytics: users can now see their own usage stats and Admins can monitor usage across their entire team. We recently released Analytics V2 to include more stats such as response rates, opt-out rates, new conversations started, team totals and team averages.

2) Message templates: Users can now create 15 of their own personalized templates to quickly & easily insert into their text conversations.

3) Team templates: We expanded upon our Templates feature to make it possible for Rectxt Admins to create templates that their entire team can access.

4) VOIP calling shortcut: We made it easy for recruiters who use VOIP apps to instantly start VOIP conversations with their candidates directly through the chrome extension.

5) Message scheduling: users can now schedule messages to automatically go out in the future.

6) Improved seat management: We updated the team management page to make it easier for Admins to control access and perform actions for their team.

7) Interview reminders: In our most recent (and final) release of the year, we have introduced semi-automatic Interview Reminders which allows users to schedule text reminders for their candidates in 2 mouse clicks.

8) Extension design refresh: We redesigned the look and feel of our chrome extension and added a convenient screen ‘widget’ to make it even easier for users to text with candidates from any webpage they’re on.

So, as you can see, 2022 has been a massive year for us at Rectxt. Seeing all of our achievements ‘on paper’ makes me realise how far we’ve come and I’m really proud of what the Rectxt team has accomplished - it certainly makes for an exciting year ahead of us!

A big thanks goes out to all of our customers, integration partners, and industry cheerleaders who all have played an important part in helping our scrappy recruiter-founded, recruiter-funded tech company flourish.

Cheers and happy holidays! See you in 2023 :)

Brian & the Rectxt team.

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