The hits keep coming! The SmartRecruiters ATS has been a fan-favourite of ours for a while now so we’re really excited to announce our integration partnership with them. 

SmartRecruiters already offers some really neat features to enhance the candidate experience so integrating Rectxt to further improve candidate experience is a match made in heaven. Our integration allows recruiters to text directly from SmartRecruiters which provides a convenient and discreet communication channel with your candidates and also leverages the unbeatable speed and response rates of SMS texting - which means improving those time-to-hire metrics. 

Being recruiters ourselves, we know first-hand that the two biggest barriers to implementing a text recruiting solution (especially for smaller hiring teams) are USABILITY and COST, so we’ve made sure our solution overcomes these.

1: How we’ve made Rectxt the EASIEST text recruiting solution in the SmartRecruiters ecosystem:

-> Quick & simple signup process where users can download Rectxt from the Chrome store and literally start texting candidates within minutes

-> Integrating with SmartRecruiters takes a couple of mouse clicks and less than 60 seconds (no IT required!)

-> Rectxt is designed by actual recruiters and we made it incredibly intuitive and simple to use

2: How we’ve made Rectxt the MOST AFFORDABLE text recruiting solution in the SmartRecruiters ecosystem:

-> We don’t hide our prices - instead we proudly display them on our website.

-> We’re the only text recruiting solution to offer a Pay As You Go plan for recruiters who aren’t heavy texters.

-> By keeping our overhead costs low and leveraging the latest cloud technologies we’re able to offer our Unlimited Plan for as low as $30 per month (which is 75% cheaper than the other vendors). 

-> Everyone pays the same price, it’s transparent, fair, and simple - no sales games or uncomfortable negotiations required. 

Rectxt & SmartRecruiters Overview:

Our clever Rectxt Chrome extension allows users to send 1:1 texts and launch 1:many campaigns directly from inside or outside of SmartRecruiters with all conversations instantly saved under each SmartRecruiters candidate profile. The convenient Rectxt mobile app allows recruiters to text with their candidates on-the-go while maintaining message synchronicity with SmartRecruiters.

With Rectxt integrated to Smartrecruiters you can:

-> Improve candidate experience and reduce time-to-fill with the speed of texting.

-> Automatically save text conversations to SmartRecruiters profiles in real-time.

-> Launch personalized text campaigns, write 1 message and send to up to 50 candidates at once.

-> Use built-in Opt-Out messaging to keep you compliant with TCPA & CANSPAM laws (unlike your cellphone).

-> Use our Pay As You Go and Monthly Plans, with no long term commitment

-> Unlimited texting as low as $35 a month

Watch it in action!

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