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Today recruiters have never been in more demand - a quick check of LinkedIn shows that more 14,000 recruiter job postings were posted within the last 24 hours! But when you think about it, this makes sense: hiring has never been more difficult for employers so, of course, the demand for recruiters to help fill jobs will be high also.

Ironically, recruiting recruiters is incredibly difficult to do - especially now. This means that recruiting leaders are in a particularly tough position to be able to meet the hiring needs of their companies and clients because they don’t have enough resources themselves. This leaves recruitment leaders with 2 broad strategies to choose from:

1) Keep throwing ‘more bodies’ at the problem and continue to struggle to hire recruiters


2) Boost their existing team’s recruiting capacity by increasing individual recruiter’s productivity- essentially unlocking their recruiters ability to DO MORE IN LESS TIME. 

There are many ways and strategies to improve the operational efficiency of a recruiting team. However, there is one universal solution that ALL recruitment leaders should be looking at implementing: texting software is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to increase the productivity of a recruiting team. To put it another way: texting software like Rectxt is the ‘low hanging fruit’ that will get your recruiting team the best results in the shortest amount of time and with the highest ROI. 

To put it in the simplest way: faster communication = faster recruiting.

So you might be thinking “well of course you’d say that, you’re a co-founder of a recruiting texting software company”, but hear me out:

Candidates respond to texts 60X faster than emails

It’s been well documented: the average person responds to a text message within 90 seconds vs 90 minutes with email (source)

Text messages take WAY LESS time to create vs email (1.6% of the time to be exact)

While there will always be an important place in recruiting for emails, there are many instances where a simple quick text message to a candidate can replace a long-winded email. The average length of a text message is 7 words (source), whereas the average length of an email is 434 words (source) - that means that for the time it takes for a recruiter to write an email, they could have sent 62 texts!

Texting software is 10X - 100X  faster than texting from cell phones

Software like Rectxt makes it so quick and easy to send a text to a candidate: recruiters simply click on a phone number and type a text message to a candidate. Not only are they using a computer keyboard (vs slowly typing with thumbs), but so much time is saved from not having to manually add each candidate to their phone contact list - not to mention all the distracting social media notifications! Additionally, our message templates and mass messaging features mean that it literally takes less than 10 seconds to send a personalized text message to dozens of candidates at a time. Click here to learn 7 other reasons why cell phones suck for text recruiting.

So what do you think? Have I convinced you yet? When you add up all those time savings across a recruiter’s day and then multiply that by the number of recruiters in your team you’ll quickly realise that I could be on to something. Feel free to reach out to me directly at brian@rectxt.com if you’d like to learn more or see Rectxt in action.

If you’d still like to stick with option # 1 ‘Throw more bodies’ then you might be interested in reading our blog: 10 tips for recruiting recruiters.

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