Rectxt is proudly founded by recruiters for recruiters:

Having started our recruitment careers in the mid 2000’s, we’ve witnessed a lot of trends in our industry and by 2017 we could see text recruiting was gaining serious momentum. Back then, many recruiters used personal cell phones to text with their candidates which eventually led to numerous personal safety, compliance, and productivity issues in our teams. As recruitment leaders, we quickly recognized that cell phones were the wrong tool for the job, and after being frustrated to find that all texting software available was unnecessarily big, clunky, and expensive we thought “why not build it ourselves?”.

It didn’t take long for our ‘side hustle’ to take on a life of its own. We used our recruitment skills to quickly form a global team of technical talent coming from Serbia, Ukraine, Vietnam, New Zealand, and Canada, with one of recruiting’s top thought leaders Joel Cheesman joining us as our strategic advisor. In 2019, we launched Rectxt. 

Today, we’re proud to say that Rectxt is genuinely ‘designed by recruiters for recruiters’ and used by hundreds of recruitment teams everyday to engage with their candidates. We have a growing customer base from all over the US and Canada and we are continuously expanding our integration partnerships with some of the most respected recruitment systems in our industry.

Rectxt’s Mission

A text messaging solution is a critical tool that should be in EVERY recruiter’s toolbox so we’ve made it our mission to democratize text recruiting. 

To support our mission, we’ve made Rectxt the easiest and most affordable text recruiting solution available to ALL recruiters (regardless of budget or technical proficiency).

Leadership Team

Picture of Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson
Co-Founder | Business Strategy

Picture of Brad Clark

Brad Clark
Co-Founder | Product Strategy

Picture of Selva Valluvan

Selva Valluvan

Picture of Joel Cheesman

Joel Cheesman
Strategic Advisor

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