Recruiting from SAP SuccessFactors is a whole lot better when you add Rectxt ūüôā

Rectxt seamlessly integrates with SAP SuccessFactors to make texting with candidates easier, faster, safer, and compliant for recruiting teams.

RecTxt and Success Factor 
integration Illustration

Recruiting teams are raving about Rectxt:

"Effective communication is key to my success as a recruiter. Rectxt is one of my go to systems to effectively communicate to candidates in process, connect them to our organization and ensure a positive candidate experience."

Todd Stroh
Senior Recruiter @ Bungie

"Rectxt has been a game changer for our TA Team- especially Inflight where we have thousands of candidates. We’ve seen an increased response rate from texting candidates directly from Greenhouse and the templates feature is amazing!"

Libby Brown
TA Specialist @ Breeze Airways


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The easiest & fastest way to text candidates from SAP SuccessFactorsūüĎá

Hire faster from SAP SuccessFactors with our smart features & easy automations‚ö°


Launch bulk mass texts directly from SAP SuccessFactors. No .csv files required!


Effortlessly set automated interview reminders, onboarding sequences, and scheduled messages


Save oodles of time with up to 30 individual & team message templates per recruiter


Dedicated texting numbers for each recruiter from any area code in North America


Text from anywhere while maintaining synchronicity with SAP SuccessFactors


All text message data is instantly saved into SAP SuccessFactors for safekeeping and easy retrieval


Track performance with team & individual analytics


10DLC registration and automated opt-out


Manage team members with ease and only pay for what you need with flexible monthly or annual plans

"With Rectxt we found higher engagement and quicker responses with our candidates for our hourly roles. We used Rectxt's message templates and scheduling features as a great way to remind candidates of upcoming deadlines, and send important information at scale."

Tas Goel
TA Manager @ Lululemon