Crelate ATS Integration Is Now Live!

We are excited to announce our API integration with Crelate ATS. Connecting your Crelate ATS with Rectxt will allow users to send individual texts and launch text campaigns directly from within Crelate with all conversations instantly being saved under each contact profile within the ATS. This means that any user on the Crelate account can view and read text a log of all text message conversations with candidates at any time.

We have been working intentionally with the Crelate team to make this integration  as simple and quick as possible. Follow these steps and you'll be texting candidates through Crelate in minutes!

1) Find your Crelate API key by opening the menu and click 'Manage Your Profile & Preferences:

2) Find and click 'API Access'

3) Enable API Access and copy the key

4) Go to your Rectxt Settings page and click on the Crelate logo in the 'INTEGRATIONS' tab

5) Toggle the 'Enable' button, paste the API key, and click 'Connect'

6) Your Rectxt account should now be connected to your Crelate account :)

8) Launch Rectxt on a contact profile

Refresh your Crelate page then open a contact profile and click on the Rectxt icon to launch the Chrome extension and start texting. You can also text candidates by clicking on the Rectxt icon in the broswer extension tray (both will work!)

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