Introducing our new pricing plans: what we changed and why we changed them

Being recruiters ourselves, Brad and I started Rectxt because we couldn’t find a realistically affordable alternative to texting our candidates than using our personal cell phones. We founded Rectxt with a very clear mission: to democratize text recruiting technology for all recruiters - not just those with large budgets. We continue to keep this mission as our North Star in all the decisions we make, and we are excited to announce the introduction of our new pricing plans which increase both the flexibility and affordability of the Rectxt text recruiting platform to the recruitment community.

You spoke, we listened:

We launched Rectxt Beta earlier this year and we encouraged our early adopters to give us feedback about our pricing model. The ‘loudest’ feedback we heard was:

- While they loved the affordable price point of Rectxt, some early adopters found our pricing model confusing.

- Many early adopters wanted a ‘set it and forget it’ pricing plan where they didn’t have to worry about being ‘thrifty’ with their texting (similar to range anxiety for electric vehicle drivers).

So we took that feedback and adjusted our pricing strategy accordingly - here’s what we’ve come up with:

Introducing: Pay As You Go Plan

We understand that not all recruiters are heavy texters and we’re proud to be the only vendor to offer the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go pricing plan for text recruiting. For only $10 per month, users on the Pay As You Go Plan get full access to the Rectxt platform and can top up their text balance by purchasing Text Packages as they need them. You’ll be happy to know that your texts never expire and your text balance carries forward each month which means that you’re only paying for the texts that you’re sending. Best of all, the first month is FREE which includes 100 text messages to get you going which makes it a great option to take Rectxt for a test drive.

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Introducing: (Pretty Much) Unlimited Plans

For as little as $30 per month, Rectxt users now have the option to choose a Monthly or Annual plan that gives each recruiter up to 1000 text messages to send each month. We call these plans ‘Pretty Much’ Unlimited because the vast majority of recruiters will never send more than 1000 text messages per month (which essentially makes the plan feel ‘Unlimited’). Our research shows that most recruiters are only sending between 250 and 500 texts per month (and we don’t encourage recruiters to send 1000 or more texts per month - that’s called ‘spam’). 

Side note: while our competitors offer Unlimited plans, they cost up to 5X more per month than our (Pretty Much) Unlimited Plan - why fork out a bunch of money for an Unlimited plan when you don’t actually need one?

Thanks to all those early adopters who have helped to shape our product so far. We’re really lucky to have you and we’re grateful for your feedback - keep it coming!

- Brian & Brad

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