Introducing Rectxt 2.0

We’re excited to announce Rectxt V2 which evolves all the things you love about Rectxt, including an extra-special new feature for our Greenhouse and JobAdder customers!

A New Look and New Engine

Yes, Rectxt looks different. As you likely noticed, we modernized the look and feel of the Chrome extension with rounded edges and a new splash of colour. But these changes are more than skin deep: we re-engineered the entire backend ‘engine’ of Rectxt (all the code and non-exciting things you likely don’t care about) which gives you better performance for the same industry-winning value.

New Team Plans

When we started Rectxt, we expected mostly smaller businesses with smaller teams to use it, however, we were happily surprised when bigger teams picked Rectxt as their recruitment texting solution - it seems that bigger companies love ease-of-use and affordability as much as the rest of us! 

To make it easier for teams with 3 or more users, we bring you Team plans. Monthly and Annual Team plans have unlimited texting and all the features of our Unlimited (personal) plans with more:

1. Seat Management: add and delete seats as your team changes size over time and easily swap recruiters into open seats.

2. Centralized Billing: only one company credit card is required for all seats. Invoicing is available for annual subscriptions.

3. Reporting (coming soon): monitor usage and response rates of team members.

New Features 

As always, we designed our new features with the thoughtfulness and ease-of-use that you’ve you’ve come to expect from Rectxt:

Message template in recruit texting app
Message Templates: each recruiter gets 10 customizable message templates (Unlimited plans only). Pro-tip to save some time, add in a calendly (or other self-scheduling tools) link, and you set up all your phone screens in minutes. 

multi-click mass messaging feature for text recruting app
Multi-click Mass Messaging: Greenhouse and JobAdder customers can now send Mass Messages through bulk-action functionality without using Talent Pools

Enter to Send: toggle this feature on in the Extension settings in the menu. 

ATS integration Visual Prompts: We’ve made it easier to know that your ATS integration is live and connected with new graphic indicators in the Chrome extension

Free Call Forwarding: all Unlimited Personal and Team plans now come with FREE unlimited call forwarding. If you haven’t already go to your settings page and turn it on, and add your number.

If you’re not already using Rectxt and you’re curious to know what it costs then you’ll be happy to hear that we keep our pricing transparent. If you want to see it in action we’re always happy to run through a live demo with you, but with no long sales processes or IT help required you can start texting within minutes by simply downloading our Chrome extension to get started.

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