Introducing the Rectxt Mobile App

As recruiters ourselves, Brian and I know that recruiters aren’t always in front of their computers when the need to read or send an important text message takes place - this is especially true for agency recruiters or those who are recruiting in high-volume industries. This is why we are pleased to announce the release of the Rectxt Mobile App in the Google and Apple App Stores!

Side note: we are aware of irony of releasing a mobile app during this time when recruiters are all working from home (and are therefore not really ‘mobile’) - let’s just say that we didn’t plan for a global pandemic to occur in March when we did our product planning last year!

The mobile app allows you to send and receive text messages from your Rectxt account on your mobile phone. Texts are sent from your Rectxt number or a text-enabled landline number and all conversations are automatically synced with your Rectxt Chrome extension. It allows recruiters to text with their candidates on-the-go while keeping their personal cell phone number private and separate - it's like having 2 phones in 1! Existing customers who are on a paid plan can sign in with their Rectxt login details and will be texting with their candidates instantly. 

We designed the Rectxt mobile app to be near-identical to the native messaging apps found on most Android and Apple devices (which means that new users should find it very intuitive).

What can you do with the Rectxt Mobile App?

-> Get notifications the minute you get a new message

-> Read texts from candidates the instant they are received

-> Reply to candidates from your Rectxt number or enabled landline (whichever one is connected to your Rectxt account)

-> Send a new message to candidates who have been imported into Rectxt

-> Turn on/off notifications

-> View your text remaining balance

-> All messages are automatically synchronized with the Rectxt extension

Mobile App Roadmap

The app in the Google and Apple stores is a BETA version (so be kind!) that offers the core messaging features required for recruiting to be able to text with their candidates while they’re on-the-go. Maintaining our core design philosophy of keeping things simple and intuitive, the app will evolve with new features as we get feedback from users like you.

What it doesn’t do (but we might explore in the future):

-> Create new candidates

-> Edit existing candidates

-> Send photos, gifs or attachments

-> Change plans/ buy text packages

-> Turn on/off call forwarding

-> Manually opt-out candidates or turn on/off ‘opt-out message’

-> Import candidates from your phone contacts

-> Ability to make calls from the app (for users with a Rectxt number)

Fun Rectxt Fact: Founded by two recruiters, and everything we’ve done has been designed with ❤️in Vancouver, and built by an amazing engineering team which is distributed across the world. 

Find the Rectxt Mobile App in the Google and Apple Stores:

Let me know how you like it and send me feedback at

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