Rectxt Product Blog: Q4 2019 Updates & Changes

Hi, this is Brad. As a co-founder I wear many ‘hats’ here at Rectxt but my favourite one is the Product Management hat. I wrote this blog post to share some of the recent improvements that we’ve made to Rectxt, and to touch on some of the future ideas and features that we're working on.  

Our design philosophy:

We’re building Rectxt to be simple yet powerful. Being recruiters ourselves, we’ve felt the pain of being forced to use crappy (often expensive) recruitment technology that is bloated with features that we didn’t want or need, so we vowed to make Rectxt a high-value, awesome product that recruiters will actually WANT to use. We love receiving feedback from our customers which we use to continually refine and improve Rectxt to make sure that we’re staying true to our commitment. On that note, here’s what we’ve recently changed:

So what’s changed and why? 

1) Hiding the extension. Chrome extensions are great because they’re there when you need them, but hide when you don’t. Some users reported that they had difficulty figuring out how to hide the extension so we’ve made it easier by adding a little ‘X’ in the corner. Additionally, users can also click the icon in the browser tray to hide the extension. (BTW sorry in advance about my notes and arrow quality).


2) Where’d my number go? In an effort to further simplify the user interface, we’ve added a ‘kabob’ menu in the top right-hand corner of the extension that displays your Rectxt  number,

3) Dude, where’s my settings? If you need to go to your settings page, just click the ‘kabob’ menu and you’ll see the Settings Gear Icon.

4) How do I log out? We learned that some users were mistaking the log out button for the ‘hide’ button - so we’ve moved the log out under the kabob menu - thanks for the feedback!

5) Improved UX: We moved our ‘Action’ buttons (such as ‘Text Now’ and ‘Import) from the left-hand side to the right-hand side to improve user flow and align with UX best practices. (Believe it or not, I actually took many art classes in school, and this is the best rocket I could draw)


6) So fresh and so clean - a refreshed Candidate tab: You’ll notice that the Candidate tab has a new look, but it functions the same.  We hope you like the new clean look.

7) Speaking of new looks: check out Search feature, while it works the same, it’s hidden when you don’t need it which we think tidy’s up the aesthetics of the extension. 



8) CHATS is the new CONVERSATIONS. This change came from the design work we’re doing for the mobile app as we realized that ‘conversations’ sounds too formal. You’ll notice see the new larger, easier-to-read message notifications as well. 


So what’s next on our roadmap (as represented by Thor on the rainbow bridge)?

1: We hope you love the one-click import with Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, Monster, LinkedIn, Swordfish, and Compass, however we want to go beyond. So, we’re busy building full integrations to ATS and recruitment CRM systems. This will allow recruiters to easily import candidates and conversations are automatically logged under each candidate profile. We’d love to know what ATS you’re using to help us prioritize who to partner with first! 

2: As hinted above we’re also busy building our mobile app so you can keep texting your candidates with your Rectxt number while you’re on-the-go. We aim to have the app live in the Android and Apple stores by the end of the year. 

This is what we can share for now… but expect more in the coming months. 

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