Rectxt's 'Secret Source' revealed: How we created the best-value text recruiting product in the industry

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fresh in everyone's minds, there has been a lot of fanfare about special once-in-a-year sales deals. At Rectxt we’re proud to confidently say that we offer the best-value text recruiting product for all 365 days of the year! While our competitors are charging an average of $100 - $150 per user per month, we’re offering full access to our robust text recruiting platform for as little as $10 per month.

Skeptics (like me) will ask “is too good to be true?” and “what’s the catch?”. I’m happy to report that our pricing is 100% true and that there is no catch. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s how we’ve been able to make it happen:

It’s Our Mission

Our mission from day 1 has been to democratize text recruiting for all recruiters - not just those with large budgets - so creating a low-cost/high-value product has always been our goal. Rectxt started because Brad & I were looking for a better texting alternative than our personal cell phones, but we couldn’t find one that was affordable to small businesses or contractors like ourselves. The platforms we found were (and still are) priced for enterprise organizations, required 12-month commitments, a heavy sales and onboarding process, and were full of features that we simply didn’t need and certainly didn’t want to pay for these levels of commitment.

Our Technical Design Strategy

We’re lucky to have one of the region’s best technical leaders as our CTO who has architected the technical design strategy for some of Vancouver’s most technically progressive organizations. The recent evolution of cloud computing and SaaS products has meant building software costs A LOT less than it used to. At Rectxt we have strategically leveraged world-class 3rd party apps such as Azure, Twilio, Auth0, and Stripe to take care of the ‘commodity’ parts of our platform, and instead invested into building the core software that makes our product unique. This means we’ve been able to keep our development costs low and we’re able to pass the savings onto our customers :)

Our Self-Serve Sales Process

Instead of having a big and expensive sales department, we have intentionally utilized modern ‘consumer-style’ self-serve technology to keep costs down. Our Knowledge Centre contains articles and FAQs for our product, and our Youtube channel features informative videos and walkthroughs which means you can access useful information on-demand. Don’t worry, if you need an extra hand we’re always available to assist through our convenient online chat feature.

Our Pragmatic Text Packages

Being recruiters ourselves, we know that recruiters don’t need unlimited-sized text plans - so why pay for them? According to our research, most recruiters are sending between 300 and 500 texts per month so we’ve designed our text plans with a realistic approach. We’re also proud to offer the first-in-industry Pay As You Go Plan for recruiters who are light or sporadic texters and don’t require a larger monthly text message inventory. Our (Pretty Much) Unlimited plans give recruiters up to 1000 texts to send each month which is plenty - anything more is spamming!

We’re Bootstrapped

Finally, Brad and I have self-funded Rectxt which means that we’ve had to be really thoughtful and careful about everything we spend. The end result is a really powerful product that we’ve built for a relatively small cost. The fact that we don’t have investors breathing down our neck allows us to offer the product in line with our mission of making a great text recruiting product available to all recruiters - not just those with large budgets.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Now that you know how we’ve managed to build the best-value text recruiting product in the industry, we recommend that you take Rectxt for a test drive. We offer the first month of our Pay As You Go platform for free which includes 100 text messages to get you going. We’d love to hear how you get on!

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