Thanks and Happy New Year!

The goal of every startup is to see the graph of their growth numbers to be shaped like a hockey stick - and because we’re a Canadian company we love this analogy!

We’re not like other typical early-stage SaaS technology companies because instead of measuring our success on revenue, we measure our success on the number of messages being sent by our awesome customers. Why? Because each message represents an important interaction between a recruiter and a candidate - and more messages signal two things: first, our customers are using the product more, and second, we have more customers! Upon reviewing our growth numbers for 2020, we saw our messages increase by 3400% since January this year! That means that the number of text messages sent via Rectxt in December 2020 were 34X more than in January 2020 - that’s ‘hockey stick’ growth! We also formed API-level integration partnerships with 4 of the industry’s top ATS’s, and doubled our 1-click integration to include over 20 leading recruiting tools.

In case you’re not aware of our story, Rectxt is a scrappy little tech startup that was created by recruiters for recruiters. We believe that text recruiting technology needs to be in every recruiter’s toolbox -regardless of budget or team size - so our mission has always been to democratize text recruiting technology for the recruitment masses. We have avoided fundraising capital and have instead opted to remain ‘bootstrapped’ with our finances which has forced us to build a low-cost solution that has allowed us to pass cost-savings onto our customers and ultimately offer Rectxt at an unfathomably great value.

This actually isn’t a humblebrag, rather a chance to say THANK YOU:

-> To our team, who is spread across the world and united on making an amazing product, which is quickly evolving and maturing. 

-> To our customers, we’re here to serve you, and we’re here because of you. 

->To our current and (soon to be announced new) integration partners, we’re excited to continue working together.

->To our friends, advisors, and supporters. It takes a village to raise a startup, we’re thankful for all of you who have been in our corner. We hope we can pay it forward to others.

We’re excited about 2021, we have some big ideas we’re working on, and we’re all in this together, eh. 

- Brad, Brian & the Rectxt Crew

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