The Rectxt Christmas Poem

‘Twas the holiday season & busier than ever. Santa was in need of some extra helpers.
Left and right he searched all night, looking for the perfect elf, with the right toy building might.

Santa called and called but to his dismay, no elves picked up & he was left in disarray.
Santa thought, "How can I find the help I need without falling behind before Christmas Eve?”

Then, later that night Santa received the best christmas advice, we believe.
It was a call back from an elf who called to say, "Sorry I missed your call, I was working today."

Calls went unanswered but he knew what to do, Santa used rectxt (and maybe you should too)
Santa sent multiple texts, to many a elf - it was so easy to do, he did it all by himself

Expecting to wait, he napped and started to snore. But he woke to a reply and another, and more!
"Hooray!", Santa exclaimed as he knew, he had enough helpers and flew straight to

The north pole from which he mass texted,"see you all tomorrow, we'll meet by my reindeer, Blitzen."
If Santa had not received that one call, would he still be stuck going straight to voicemail.


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