COVID-19 Response: How We're Helping Companies To Engage With Their Furloughed Workforce

Nurturing relationships by communicating regularly with your furloughed employees increases the chance of them returning back to work in a positive way so we are happy to announce that we are now offering our Essential Hiring plan (which gives 2 months of free access to Rectxt) to employers with furloughed workforces:

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the business world and many companies are furloughing parts of their workforce to survive this ‘storm’ that we’re all in. These mass-scale furloughs have created a new problem facing employers: what is the best way to maintain relationships with your furloughed workforce so that they’re available and ready to return to work when you need them?

Answer: communicate regularly with them (on their terms).

Why should employers build a regular communication bridge with their furloughed workforce?

-> It provides critical information and useful updates to them.

-> It shows that you haven’t forgotten them and that you care about them.

-> It provides each employee with a direct line of communication with your company.

-> It keeps your employees engaged with your company so that there’s less chance of them looking for other jobs or being snapped up by your competitors.

-> You can keep a pulse on your workforce which can help you with resource planning for when things eventually turn around.

-> It helps to preserve staff morale

What makes SMS texting a great communication channel?

-> Text messages are a quick, easy, and concise way to communicate.

-> Texts get read: the average read rate of text messaging is over 95%.

-> EVERYONE texts: no matter the level of technical sophistication of your workforce, everyone has a mobile phone and knows how to text.

-> Furloughed employees can’t access their work emails

-> Employers may not know their employees’ personal email addresses but will usually have their personal mobile phone number on file.

How Rectxt can help you nurture relationships with your furloughed workforce:

We are happy to announce that we are now extending our Essential Hiring plan to include employers who want to use Rectxt to communicate with their furloughed workforce.

With Rectxt you can easily send and receive text messages from your company to furloughed employees without needing to use your personal mobile phone. Our chrome extension allows you to send 1:1 or personalized 1:many bulk messages directly from your web browser. Texts can either be sent from your text-enabled company landline, or we’ll provide you with a 10 digit phone number from any area code in the US or Canada.

Doing our part to help: Free Rectxt access with the Essential Hiring plan

The Essential Hiring plan gives FREE access to the full Rectxt platform for 2 months. After 2-months, there is no long-term obligation, so you can cancel anytime and you don’t require any IT support to get going. In fact, you can be texting within minutes of signing up.

Learn more about our Essential Hiring plan here.

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