Customer Spotlight: River States Truck & Trailer's Road to Success

Welcome to the first installment of our Customer Spotlight Series where we shine a spotlight on some of our amazing customers and how our text recruiting solution is making a positive impact on their recruiting efforts. In our first episode we talked to Kim Ness, Corporate Recruiter at River States Truck & Trailer who researched texting as the best practice to get in touch with her candidates. Not only did it offer speed, but also efficiency and higher response rates from her candidates.

About River States Truck & Trailer
River States Truck & Trailer is a truck dealership and full service center for Freightliner Trucks, Western Star Trucks and Sprinter Vans in Western Wisconsin. They have three (3) locations in the LaCrosse, WI area, a location in Roberts, Eau Claire, Hudson, and Osseo WI as well as a location in Eagan MN.


Kim: I started this position as the pandemic began to sweep across the country. This 'down time' gave me the opportunity to research best practices and trends in the industry. The research proved that texting was the best way to get in touch with most candidates. 

Recruiting for Diesel Mechanics, Service Advisors and other positions in the industry can be challenging. I realized the speed and efficiency of texting as a means to get in touch with the candidate and keep the flow of communication going. Compared to email and voicemail, the response time when texting candidates, new hires, potential candidates, etc. is so fast and efficient. 


Kim: Because this was something new to the organization, I wanted to try something that would give us the basics of what I thought we needed but also be cost effective. I wanted something that would integrate with our current systems (at least to some degree). I also wanted a system that would allow me to run text campaigns as those tough to fill positions came open. 

I found Rectxt would provide what we needed to give this approach a try and it offered a month to month contract which was important just in case it did not go as I had hoped. In addition, the price was right! 


Kim: All parts of our company operations have improved actually!

I am able to reach out to candidates, remind candidates of their interview times, follow up with them to see if they have questions, welcome them to the company and do a follow up after their first week on the job. 

I sometimes feel when I place a voice call that an unknown number is ignored or not answered intentionally. A text message allows me to connect with them and not feel as though I am interrupting them. They can respond when they have time and I know they see my message and who I am immediately. 

I have set up campaigns for various positions and have had success with the whole process. It saves time from both my perspective as well as the candidate. Those not interested in our company can easily opt out of my text messages. 


Kim: Rectxt is user-friendly, cost effective, and a great way to efficiently connect with candidates, set up recruiting campaigns and stay in communication with candidates through the entire process. I even use this for existing employees to wish them a Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday or just simply connect to remind them of company news and events! It is a great way to connect and stay connected!  


Kim: Rectxt is a great investment for all areas of your business from recruiting, HR, Sales, etc. A great way to stay connected to your candidates, employees, and clients! This is a software to be used in all areas of your business. The support is great and the price is even better! Worth the minimal investment!  

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